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I’ve been working on getting back to work for three weeks now.  I’ve posted here and on my personal website.  I’ve even hit the Road Trip blog that my brother and I started five or so years ago and haven’t ever kept up to date.  I’ve shared it all to social media without a lot of response.  I”m not really upset about that.  I know I’ve neglected this for years and didn’t expect to be welcomed back with resounding cheers.

My main goal isn’t blogging though, it’s fiction.  Every Wednesday, I’ve gone to the Friday Fictioneers website.  I’ve downloaded the photo prompt and thought about it until Friday.  Inspiration has not struck.  This week, I decided to force it.  I determined that I was going to come up with 100 words about the picture even if they made no sense.  

Writing short stories has always been difficult for me.  Any fiction shorter than a novella just doesn’t even seem to have room for character development much less plot, counterplot, and conclusion.  Getting a beginning, middle, and end into 100 words is almost torture.  I’d rather write poetry.  However, this is what I’ve chosen to do as an exercise in improving my writing.  

So, here’s this week’s offering: Gateway


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