Reading to Write

My Path to Becoming an Author

Author: Jim Pearson

And another…

It’s kinda hard to figure out what the problem is when I can’t get it to do it for me. I guess I need to look at the backend and see if I see something different than what we normally do on a client’s blog. There could be something there, but I doubt it. However, […]

Another post

What is the deal here with this blog? It seems that everything I post, even under her user account name and even at her computer posts fine. However, when she does it from her computer right after me, it drops everything but the first sentence. This is a baffling thing that I just haven’t wrapped […]

Another tech support posting

Here’s a new posting to try and figure out why this particular blog is dropping everything in the post except the first sentence. This post was created using Firefox typing straight into the post window. Now it’s time to post the post and see if these last few sentences disappear.


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