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Happy New Year

It’s 2018?  Where did the last six month go?  2017 brought so many changes to my life, both good and bad.  Some I’m still adjusting to, others I intend to correct.  Not making new resolutions, just recycling the old ones.  

I won’t bore you with a list.  Just know that I intend to talk to you more often.  At this location, it will be mostly writing.  Sometimes fiction, sometimes creative non-fiction, sometimes just quick views of my toddler relationships because they currently take up a big portion of my time.

My family gave me a great Christmas even though I was feeling kind of scroogey this year. Of course, the best part was finding presents for the toddlers and watching the joy on their faces as they opened their gifts, not just from me, but everyone else as well.  

I’ve already experimented with the bread machine my brother, Jim, bought for me. I searched around and found a recipe for his favorite Oat-nut bread and it turned out pretty well.  I do love homemade bread, but seldom made it in the past because it was so time and effort intensive.  This machine makes it a snap.  I think I’m going to love it.

Later this week, I intend to use the stand mixer from my middle daughter, Jeanne, to make our favorite Oatmeal Cookies.  They are one of my snack time weaknesses. A batch makes about 4 dozen and I could easily eat them all myself.  However, it’s another thing I seldom do; because mixing them is a chore.  Hopefully, the stand mixer with a dough hook will make it easier.  Of course, all that may make my ongoing efforts to lose weight more difficult.  

I have spent a lot of time reading the past couple of months.  Mostly commercial fiction of the mystery/action adventure type. I’m still doing that.  Currently working on a Kindle version of a Nevada Barr story and a hardback of a Bob Lee Swagger novel. I seldom stick to just one book at a time.  Usually, there’s one on my nightstand, another beside my favorite chair in the livingroom and one on my Kindle.

On New Year’s Day, I began a new how-to book on writing: “Plot & Structure: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Plot That Grips Readers from Start to Finish”   by James Scott Bell.

To be followed by: Description & Setting: Techniques and Exercises for Crafting a Believable World of People, Places, and Events (Write Great Fiction) by Ron Rozelle.  

Both were Christmas gifts from the same daughter and I am enjoying the first one, hopefully the second one will be as interesting.  They are part of my resolution recycling effort.  One of the things I plan to add here is the occasional review of self help type books.

I’ve got two other blogs which I have also neglected shamefully of late and plan to get back to:

Mamaw’s Homeplace which started life as a family meeting place and has since morphed into a kind of meditation/memoir type of thing.

and a travel/roadtrip one that I share with my traveling companion, housemate, and brother: Jim of Jim Pearson Photography.

Come by and visit.  I’ll do my best to entertain and enlighten you.


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