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Mall Walkers Unite

There is a tendency to disparage people who choose to get their exercise by walking inside a mall.  It’s not an organized discrimination, just a general snideness of tone when some runners or outdoor walkers say “Mall Walkers,” like they don’t really count on the scale of exercise fanatics.  I know, because I used to be […]

My Life in My Phone

Most Americans own a cell phone of some type. Some of them, like a couple of my brothers, still have a simple phone that they use only to make calls. However, a growing percentage, like my youngest brother and I, have “smart” phones. Actually, a better name for them that is growing in popularity is […]

Torn Between 2 Loves

I enjoy writing. I like the research and the organizing. I love the writing and even enjoy the editing and re-visioning. About the only thing I have trouble with is choosing topics and finding time. I also love working on websites. It is like working a puzzle. Deciding what to use and where to put […]


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